Seller Velocity


May 1 & 2, 2024


You DESERVE Expert Advice

This all-day event connects brands selling on Amazon with the top Amazon, ecommerce, and digital marketing experts.

With shorter presentations, and intimate breakout sessions where you can discuss, and apply, our experts’ knowledge to your business.

Private Forum

Get to know our experts and your fellow attendees in our private forum. Ask questions, share experience, network.


Pre-conference Events

We’ll be hosting private webinars, for ticket holders only, with each of our experts before the conference. Get all your questions answered.


Bonus Content

Get instant access to exclusive, bonus content from each of our experts when you register.

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September 23, 2021


10:30-11:00am meet & greet


11:00-11:30am Lightning talks with  Chris McCabe and Theron Harmon


11:30- 12:15PM BREAKOUT SESSIONS (in-person only) 


Learn how to effectively manage and scale a virtual team to grow your business efficiently.


In this session, Andrew Waber will walk through important, recent data trends across the Amazon advertising landscape all sellers should take into account as they set their strategy and tactics for Q4 and 2022.


12:30-1:00pm Lightning talks with Sajag Agarwal and Amy Wees


1:00-2:00pm LUNCH


2:00- 2:45PM BREAKOUT SESSIONS (in-person only)

Theron Harmon- Video strategy for building your brand and converting customers

This session will dive deepinto at the categories of video which are particularly effective in converting for sales.

Leah McHugh & Chris McCabe- Creating a Plan of Action for your business, not just for Amazon

Using the Plan of Action framework to identify and fix potential problems in your business.


3:00-3:30 pm Lightning talks with Jason Boyce and Kunal Chopra


3:30-4:15PM BREAKOUT SESSIONS (in-person only)

Amy Wees- Expanding Your Retail Sales Channels - Preparing to Sell Your Products Wholesale

In the break-out session, we’ll talk about the retail business model and the key considerations for making a pivot into retail. For example:

  • What do your branding and packaging need to look like?
  • How do you communicate with buyers and speak their language?
  • How should you price your products and invoice for orders?
  • What can you expect in terms of reorders and management of this new sales channel?
Sajag Agarwal- M&A and how to increase valuations with quality control for a strong business exit

Building Your Business to Exit: What Buyers Look For & Setting up Proper QA


4:30-5:00pm Lightning talks with Andrew Waber and Carlos Alvarez


5:00-5:45PM BREAKOUT SESSIONS (in-person only)

Jason Boyce- How your exit strategy should inform your business strategy
Kunal Chopra- The importance of omnichannel retail and how brands should prepare for this

How brands can get ready to sell on multiple marketplaces such as Walmart, Target, etc. and also build out a diversified supply chain.


6:00pm-7:00pm Happy hour


7:30pm Dinner with all speakers at Tuscan Kitchen, Boston Seaport (for VIP ticket holders)

Free Digital Gifts for Attendees

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From Wizards of Ecom

Over 500 videos covering all aspects of how to successfully sell on Amazon.

Free chapter from The Amazon Jungle

By Jason Boyce and Rick Cesari

The Seller’s Survival Guide for Thriving on the World’s Most Perilous E-Commerce Marketplace.

free listing optimization masterclass 

From Amazing at Home

Learn the best listing optimization strategy for Amazon.

What you don’t know can hurt you, ebook

From Movley

The quality control processes you need to increase the valuation of your business.

Free copy of the book From Poop to Gold

The Marketing Magic of the Harmon Brothers

The lessons learned along the way of creating some of the most successful video ads in internet history.

The Definitive Guide to Amazon Advertising 2021

From Teikametrics

The strategies and tips you need to succeed with Amazon advertising in 2021.

Our Expert Speakers

Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez

Wizards of Ecom

Carlos Alvarez, a successful 9-figure Amazon seller, created Wizards of Ecom to empower online sellers with the techniques he learned over the last 15 years. He is also the founder of Wizards of Amazon, the largest Amazon Seller Meetup group in the world, a frequent keynote speaker at events and conferences, Meetup’s first City Organizer, and a Fiverr Community Manager for the city of Miami.

> View Carlos’ Pre-conference session 

Sajag Agarwal

Sajag Agarwal

Founder, Movley

Sajag Agarwal founded Movley after his e-commerce brand startup had issues with fraud and bad quality control. Despite well-engineered products, passed inspections, good factories, and good process, Sajag faced brutal worsening quality issues.

In 2017, he moved to China visiting factories every day and doing his own inspections. Sajag discovered that good inspections would have identified almost all of his manufacturing defects before shipment. However, nearly all inspections were systematically designed to pass bad products:

> View Sajag’s Pre-conference Session

Jason Boyce

Jason Boyce

Top 200 Amazon Seller, Avenue7media

Jason Boyce, author of The Amazon Jungle and founder of Avenue7Media, began selling in e-commerce in 2002, and as an Amazon Merchant in 2003. Together with his A+ teams, he bootstrapped several of his own brands to success, to become a Top 200 Amazon Seller and a top 1,000 E-commerce seller according to Digital Commerce 360. In 2014, while speaking at several Amazon Selling and E-commerce conferences, Jason realized that helping others succeed was more meaningful than growing his own brands. 

> View Jason’s Pre-conference Session

Kunal Chopra

Kunal Chopra

CEO, Kaspien

Kunal is the CEO of Kaspien (NASDAQ: KSPN), a platform of software and tech-enabled services that helps brands grow and optimize brands on today’s leading online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.


>View Kunal’s Pre-conference Session

Theron Harmon

Theron Harmon

President of Consulting, Harmon Brothers

Harmon Brothers clients’ ads have been seen over 1.4 Billion times and have driven over $400 Million in sales.Originally from Burley, Idaho, Theron grew up in farm country. He held his first paid job at age 5 watering dozens of trees for his grandparents, and started driving a tractor at age 9. Yes, southern Idaho is 100 years behind when it comes to child labor, and all the better for it. A graduate of BYU, he started his first company as a sophomore in college, and he has worked in small entrepreneurial companies for most of his career, with an 8-year stint as the business manager of a law firm. 

> View Theron’s Pre-conference session

Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe

Former Amazonian, ecommerceChris

After working for Amazon for many years evaluating seller account performance and enforcing Amazon’s policies, Chris launched ecommerceChris. He teaches sellers how to think like Amazon, protect their accounts, and appeal listing restrictions and suspensions. He provides expert advice that helps to inform and clarify important decisions around Amazon investments by those who sell through the site and other interested parties.

Leah McHugh

Leah McHugh

Listing and Compliance, Seller Performance Solutions

Leah is a consultant at ecommerceChris, and the leading expert on Amazon listing compliance. She assists Amazon sellers with GS1, ASIN variation, or listing policy problems. She co-created Seller Performance Solutions membership and podcast to show sellers how to review their own accounts the way Amazon’s teams do, and how to communicate with them the Amazon way.

Andrew Waber

Andrew Waber

Director of Insights, Teikametrics

Andrew manages the analysis, editorial direction and strategy for Teikametrics’ reporting on online retail advertising and the larger online retail marketplace. Prior to his time at Teikametrics, Andrew served as the manager of data insights and media relations at Salsify. Andrew’s commentary on online trends has been quoted by the New York Times, Re/Code and The Guardian, among other outlets.

> View Andrew’s Pre-conference Session

Amy Wees

Amy Wees

Amazing at Home Ecommerce Consulting

Amy Wees is the CEO of Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting, a world-renowned company that has helped thousands of brands launch private label products! Amazing at Home provides education and consulting to help brands develop unique products, validate them in the marketplace, source at profitable margins, and launch with amazing brand messaging, copywriting, and search engine optimization.

> View Amy’s Pre-conference Session

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